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To help you find the right real estate professional, here are five questions you should always ask a  real estate agent or broker before you agree to list your home with them.

1. How much experience do you have, and do you hold any specializations or professional certifications?

Experience doesn’t always equal excellence, but it certainly helps. Real estate agents and brokers with extensive experience have many successful listings under their belts, and they’ve accumulated skills and knowledge that help them respond to a wide range of situations with ease and confidence.

It’s also a good idea to ask how many homes they’ve sold in the past year, and how many other clients they’re currently working with. Also, look for company designations and professional certifications. These are good indications that the agent or broker has legit credentials and will honour the job’s ethical requirements.

2. What is your team structure, and who else will I deal with?

Listing a home is a complicated enough experience without having to pinball around between multiple agents, brokers, and assistants. It’s always easier to work with fewer moving parts. Find out who you’ll be dealing with other than the agent or broker, ask about their qualifications, and look for the right fit.

3. How do you plan to market this property to potential buyers?

Here,  you’re looking for a comprehensive plan to get your home showcased to prospective buyers in an efficient and reliable way. One thing you should do is check the agent or broker’s existing website or online listings. Check the photography and property description. Are they compelling? Would they excite a potential buyer?

Examine their other marketing materials, and talk to them about their home staging strategies. Get a clear idea of exactly how they’ll work to sell your home, and if they fail to convince you, it might be a good idea to consider working with someone else.

4. How well-connected are you?

Look for an agent or broker who has established relationships with lenders,  mortgage companies, and other seller-side services. This can help ensure a timely transaction by facilitating buyer-side financing and make the entire process smoother and easier.

5. Do you have references, and can you offer testimonials from past clients?

Working with someone with a proven track record is one of the keys to success.  Even newly established agents and realtors should be able to provide you with a couple of references and testimonials from satisfied clients. In fact, if they can’t, you should consider it a major red flag.

If you’re able, ask those past clients what their experience was like with the agent or broker. Were they professional? Did their expertise make a  difference? Was their team accessible and easy to work with?

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Trust is a critical component when it comes to hiring a real estate agent or broker. Taking the time to ask these questions will help you have a more positive, productive, and profitable home listing experience.

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