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Seymour Trivia 2017

Jethro Seymour

Sell your home faster and for more money with the Seymour Real Estate Team.  I started my sales career in 1994 with publishing and media sales...

Sell your home faster and for more money with the Seymour Real Estate Team.  I started my sales career in 1994 with publishing and media sales...

Feb 9 18 minutes read

Game Rules

The rules are simple:

  • Select a charismatic trivia host who will read and reveal answers to the players. You can play in teams or as individuals.
  • Moving clockwise, each team or individual gets to choose a category and the host will read a question from that category aloud. There are 10 categories of 10 questions each.  Each question can only be asked once. The host will need to keep track of this by marking which ones have been asked. For each correctly answered question, the team or individual is awarded one point. The first to accumulate 15 points wins the game!
  • All answers are final. There is only one question per turn. No question can be skipped. No electronic aids are to be used. (As a suggestion, the host can gather all the players’ cell phones and tablets until the game is finished.)

Categories: Toronto, Global Politics, Business & Economics, Sports, Entertainment, Science & Technology, Arts & Culture, Geography, General Knowledge and Toronto Real Estate.


Seymour Trivia 2017 Quiz from Jethro Seymour, Top Toronto Real Estate Broker

The city of Toronto started off as York, the capital of Upper Canada in 1793. In what year was York incorporated and renamed Toronto?

Answer:  1834

How many Members of Parliament represent Toronto in the House of Commons in Ottawa?

Answer:  22

Toronto had two major snowstorms two weeks apart. The first dumped 40 centimetres (15.75 inches) and the second dumped 118 centimetres (46.5 inches).  When was this and who did we call?

Answer:  in January 1999, and Mell Lastman called the Canadian Army for help

Which heroine of the War of 1812 did Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announce will appear on the next series of Canadian banknotes?

Answer:  Laura Secord

Nathan Phillips Square was named for the mayor Nathan Phillips.  In what years did he serve as mayor?

Answer:  1955-1962

Since 2003, Toronto was the first jurisdiction in North America to legalize what?

Answer:  Gay marriage

To date, how old is Toronto’s famous Horseshoe Tavern? Name the bands you saw play there.

Answer: 70 years old

Beginning July 2018, the Air Canada Centre will be renamed to Scotiabank Arena after Scotiabank paid around $800 million for its naming rights deal.  How long will the new name last?

Answer:  20 years

Canada has long been known for being open to refugees.  Among students, entrepreneurs and millionaires, what is the second biggest population group Canada attracts?

Answer:  Millionaires

When are the next mayoral elections in Toronto?

Answer:  October 2018


Seymour Trivia 2017 Quiz from Jethro Seymour, Top Toronto Real Estate Agent

On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump was elected as president of the United States of America.  When was he inaugurated?

January 20, 2017

He was the half-brother of current North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and was assassinated by two women in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in February.  Who is he?

Answer:  Kim Jong-nam

UK’s withdrawal from the European Union is more popularly known as what?

Answer:  Brexit

In April of 2017, the U.S. dropped the GBU-43, world's largest non-nuclear weapon at an Islamic State complex in Afghanistan?  What is GBU-43 more popularly known as?

Answer:  Mother of All Bombs

What bomb does Russia claim to be larger than the GBU-43 (or mother of all bombs)?

Answer:  Father of All Bombs

What type of bomb was North Korea testing that is said to be three times more powerful than the combined explosive yield of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the second world war?

Answer:  Hydrogen bomb

Who won the May 2017 French Presidential election and became the youngest president of France?

Answer:  Emmanuel Macron

Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, the Maldives, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the internationally recognized government of Yemen severed ties with what country for allegedly funding terrorism?

Answer:  Qatar

In October, which former astronaut was appointed as the 29th Governor General of Canada by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

Answer:  Julie Payette

The 2017 Zimbabwean coup d’etat forced this president to resign after 29 years in office in November.  Who is he?

 Answer:  Robert Mugabe


Seymour Trivia 2017 Quiz from Jethro Seymour, Top Toronto Real Estate Agent

Bill Gates tops the list of richest men, according to Forbes with a net worth of $85 billion.  Who comes second with a net worth of $75.6 billion?

Answer:  Warren Buffett

What bank did Forbes rank as the number one company worldwide with a market value of $229.8 billion?

Answer: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited

Name 3 of the 5 top export products of Ontario, according to the Ontario Ministry of Finance:

Answer:  Any of three:  Motor vehicles & parts, Precious metals & stones, Mechanical equipment, Electrical machinery, Plastic products

Claimed by the European Union to have violated antitrust rules for its online shopping practices, what Internet search engine company was fined $2.7 billion?

Answer:  Google

Who is this former English teacher co-founded Alibaba, the world’s largest online business-to-business trading platform for small business and as of December 2017, has a net worth of $38.7 billion dollars?

Answer:  Jack Ma

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US President Donald Trump first announced in February 2017 that they will collaborate on what initiative?

Answer:  Canada-United States Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders

Since the announcement in September, cities and provinces across North America have been pulling the stops to host the second headquarter of which $150 billion-in-revenue company?

Answer:  Amazon

Richard Thaler has been awarded a Nobel prize in 2017 in what field?

Answer:  Economics

In March, this 1-million-dollar Canadian gold coin weighing 100 kilograms was stolen from the Bode Museum in Berlin, Germany.  What was this coin called?

Answer:  Big Maple Leaf

What crypto-currency has been in the news thought of by investors to create the “largest financial bubble ever” despite many speculations from economists?

Answer:  Bitcoin


Seymour Trivia 2017 Quiz from Jethro Seymour, Top Toronto Real Estate Agent

The 2017 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships on January 5, 2017 was won by what country?

Answer:  United States

Which world boxing champion, who lost to Jeff Horn in July, is an incumbent senator in his home country?

Answer:  Manny Pacquiao

Canada became the first women's team to be undefeated throughout this championship tournament in March of 2017.

Answer:  World Women's Curling Championship - Canada won the final game against Russia with a score of 8 to 3.

In what month did the 2017 Tour de France take place?

Answer: In July with a total of 198 riders.

Who won the 2017 Stanley Cup defeating the Nashville Predators?

Answer:  Pittsburgh Penguins

This 20-year old received Hart Trophy for NHL MVP during the 2017 NHL Awards night in June?  Who is he?

Answer:  Connor McDavid

Who was the first pick of the 2017 NBA Drafts and by what team?

Answer:  Markelle Fultz by the Philadelphia 76ers

In August, Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated mixed martial artist and UFC fighter Connor McGregor via technical knockout at what round?

Answer:  10th Round

The Toronto FC, after beating the Seattle Sounder 2-0 in the final, won the 2017 MLS Cup.  Who was the MVP?

Answer:  Jozy Altidore

Jamaican runner Usain Bolt was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the “Fastest Man Alive.” But, at London 2017, he finished third and was outran by which two athletes?

 Answer:  Christian Coleman (silver) and Justin Gatlin (gold)


Seymour Trivia 2017 Quiz from Jethro Seymour, Top Toronto Real Estate Agent

What movie won the Best Animated Feature Film at the 2017 Oscars?

Answer:  Zootopia

Famous for playing James Bond in seven films, Which English actor died of cancer on May 23, 2017?

Answer:  Roger Moore

Which rapper set a record at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards for winning 13 awards?

Answer: Drake

Which artist won the 2017 Grammy Award for Best New Artist?

Answer:  Chance the Rapper

Veteran actor Warren Beatty mistakenly announced, “La La Land” as the winner of Best Picture in the 2017 Oscars instead of “Moonlight.”  Who directed the Moonlight?

Answer:  Barry Jenkins

Which stage musical that features a high school student with a social anxiety disorder won six awards in the 71st Tony Awards held in New York City?

Answer:  Dear Evan Hansen

Prince Harry’s fiancé, Meghan Markle, lived in Toronto while shooting what the drama series?

Answer: Suits

“Star Wars:  Episode VIII – The Last Jedi” just hit the theaters.  What was the very first “Star Wars” movie to be filmed and in what year was it released?

Answer: Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope” in 1977

According to Forbes, which celebrity earned the most with $130 million of earning for 2017?

Answer:  Diddy

Who, according to Forbes, is the world’s highest-paid TV actress earning $41.5 million?

 Answer:  Sofia Vergara


Seymour Trivia 2017 Quiz from Jethro Seymour, Top Toronto Real Estate Agent

More than 100 years after they were nearly extinct because of hunting, a herd of what was brought to the Banff National Park in Alberta in February?

Answer: Plains bison

In March, scientists announced finding microfossils within rocks from the Hudson Bay along the shoreline in northern Quebec that could be the oldest-known evidence of like on earth.  How old are the microfossils?

Answer:  4.3 billion years old

Also in March, the US Congress passed a bill mandating NASA that by 2033, humans should be sent where?

Answer:  Mars

NASA announced in April that one of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus, has oceans in it beneath its icy shells that may support life.  Question:  How many confirmed moons does Saturn have?

Answer:  53

In May this year, scientists from the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto identified a new species of dinosaur that had horns behind its eyes, spikes on its face, and a barbed, sledgehammer-like tail.  The dinosaur was named after which monster in the 1984 film Ghostbuster?

Answer:  Zuul

What is the name of the social robot that is built to interact and communicate with people around him?  He is about 11 inches tall, sold for $899 US and started shipping in November to customers who pre-ordered.

Answer:  Jibo

Unveiled this year was the VISION concept, the airless tire made from recycled material that features 3D-printed treads you can change to accommodate various road conditions.  What company introduced this?

Answer:  Michelin

What social networking service announced in June that it has over two billion regular users?

Answer:  Facebook (visit our Facebook page!)

What were the two Atlantic category 5 hurricanes that made landfall in North America this year?

Answer: Hurricanes Irma and Maria

Occurring twice every year, this day consists of 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness.

 Answer:  An equinox



What 90s toy became the most popular in 2017?

Answer:  Fidget Spinner

What was the music festival in British Columbia that got canceled this year following a bankruptcy announcement by its organizers?

Answer:  Pemberton Music Festival

David Grossman won the “Man Booker International Prize” for what novel?

Answer:  A Horse Walks Into a Bar

The 2017 film “It” that featured a scary clown was adapted from a novel by which author?

Answer:  Stephen King

Born Robert Allen Zimmerman, this singer-songwriter and author was awarded a Nobel Prize in Literature this year. He was the first musician to win the award.

Answer:  Bob Dylan

How many years will the iconic Big Ben in London fall silent beginning August 21, 2017 because of repairs?

Answer:  4 years

What orchestra in Toronto closed in August following a backlash over an email stating “only fit and slim” singers would be featured in shows?

Answer:  Sheraton Caldwell Orchestras

In September, nature photographer David Slater and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals settled a long dispute over the copyright of a selfie by what animal?

Answer:  A monkey! More specifically, the Celebes crested macaque

In November, the “Salvator Mundi,” a painting of Jesus Christ, was sold in an auction for US$450.3 million, a new record set for the sale of an original art work.  Who painted Salvator Mundi?

Answer:  Leonardo da Vinci

Who won the 2017 Sobey Art Award for the piece “Moose Fence?”

Answer:  Ursula Johnson


Seymour Trivia 2017 Quiz from Jethro Seymour, Top Toronto Real Estate Agent

What became the world's newest independent country in 2011?

Answer:  South Sudan

What is the world’s driest place and in which county is it located?

Answer: Atacama Desert in Chile

The second longest coastline, after Canada, is where?

Answer:  Indonesia

Which country contains the most languages?

Answer:  Papua New Guinea with 820 languages!

How many time zones are there on Earth?

Answer:  24

What volcano exploded in 1883 with the force of 200 megatons of TNT?

Answer:  Krakatoa

What city was once called New Amsterdam?

Answer:  New York City

Which country is the leading egg producer in the world?

Answer: China

Ceylon is the former name of what country?

Answer: Sri Lanka

Dead Sea, Lake Malawi, Red Sea and Lake Assal - Which lake has the most salt with 34.8% concentration?

Answer:  Lake Assal


Seymour Trivia 2017 Quiz from Jethro Seymour, Top Toronto Real Estate Agent

Which animal sleeps for only five minutes a day?

Answer:  A giraffe

What perspires half a pint of fluid a day?

Answer:  Your feet

When youʼre capernoited, you are what?

Answer:  Slightly drunk

The scarab, worshipped by the Egyptians, is what type of beetle?

Answer: A dung beetle

This adage or epigram is typically stated as, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

Answer:  Murphy’s Law

In computing, what does USB stand for?

Answer:  Universal Serial Bus

In Inglewood Drive in Moore Park, residents display giant Santas on their lawn.  What is this annual tradition called that started in 2013?

Answer:  Kringlewood

What popular drink once contained cocaine?

Answer: Coca-cola (until 1903, Coca-cola contained a significant amount of cocaine as cocaine-infused drinks were common in the late 19th century)

What is the word used to describe an animal that is both male and female?

Answer:  Hermaphrodite

In the correct order, name all seven colors of the rainbow.

Answer:  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet


Seymour Trivia 2017 Quiz from Jethro Seymour, Top Toronto Real Estate Agent

The OSFI will implement new mortgage rules which includes the stress test.  When is the implementation?

Answer:  January 1, 2018

Under these new rules, what are lenders required to enhance to ensure risk responsiveness?

Answer:  Loan to value measurements and limits

How many houses were sold in Toronto in January 2017?

Answer:  733, down from last year’s 761 sales.

How many home sales occurred in Toronto this year?

Answer:  87,513 (GTA Jan to Nov 2017)
                  33,236 (Toronto Jan to Nov 2017)

What is the average selling price of a home in Toronto & the GTA?

Answer:  $827,608 (GTA Jan to Nov 2017)
                   $839,572 (Toronto Jan to Nov 2017)

How many Realtors are there in Toronto?

Answer:  There are over 49,651 licensed Sales Representatives & Brokers as of October 2017.

Name 5 of the top 10 most expensive cities to purchase a home in. Hint, Toronto isn’t one of them.

Answer:  Amounts are reflected as a cost per square meter (10.76 sq ft) in US dollars:

Country/CityBuying Price
US$ per Sq. M.
Cost per 1,076 sq ft
2UK, London27,261$2,726,100
3Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island26,325$2,632,500
4France, Paris17,277$1,727,700
5US, New York17,191$1,719,100
6Israel, Tel Aviv17,149$1,714,900
7Japan, Tokyo16,322$1,632,200
8Russia, Moscow16,021$1,602,100
9Austria, Vienna15,607$1,560,700
10India, Mumbai15,525$1,552,500
11Switzerland, Geneva15,495$1,549,500
13Italy, Rome11,394$1,139,400
14Sweden, Stockholm9,439$943,900
15Canada, Toronto9,409$940,900
16Netherlands, Amsterdam9,319$931,900
17Finland, Helsinki8,923$892,300


 What did the most expensive house in the GTA sell for?

Answer:  15 million dollars. What was it, you ask? A 6 bedroom, 10 bathroom home on Forest Hill Road in Forest Hill. It sold for 89% of the asking price this past November.

That is down from 2016s record sale at 22 million dollars for a 7 bedroom, 14 bathroom home in the Bridal Path area and it sold for 82% of the asking price this past August.

What did the least expensive house in the GTA sell for?

Answer:  A detached bungalow near Rogers and Weston Road sold for $360,000, 20% above the asking price. It was advertised as a handyman special!

Who should you call when you decide to find a new home or sell your current one?

Answer:  Jethro Seymour, Broker, Royal LePage R.E.S. Ltd, Johnston and Daniel Division, (416)-712-0767

Jethro Seymour, one of the Top Toronto Brokers at Royal LePage RES Ltd., Johnston & Daniel Division . 

Jethro is a midtown Toronto residential specialist with over 20 years of sales experience in real estate, marketing, construction and publishing. He has helped many families find homes in Toronto’s great neighbourhoods, and has extensive knowledge of local markets, new home construction, resale home sales, and the condo market. Living in midtown Toronto, Jethro previews many of the homes that come to market for his clients and inventory knowledge. Jethro specializes in Midtown, Davisville Village and Leaside neighbourhoods.

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