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Many experienced real estate professionals believe that autumn is the best time of year to change homes. Of course, it isn’t always possible to choose when you move, but if you have some say in the matter, there are three very compelling reasons to plan your move to take place during the fall months.

Weather conditions are favourable

In Toronto, summers tend to be very hot and humid, while winters are cold and snowy. It’s uncomfortable to pack and lug around heavy boxes and furniture on hot and muggy days, and navigating slippery and icy roads with a packed-to-the-brim moving truck is a whole other world of treacherous.

Fall, on the other hand, offers ideal conditions: days are cool to mild, but rarely too hot or too cold. You’re usually safe from snow anytime before late November or early December, making roads easy to navigate.

Spring offers a similar set of advantages, but it also tends to be a busy time of year for moving companies. That trend speaks to the second reason you should schedule your move during the fall:

Autumn is off-peak time for moving companies

Moving companies generally experience strong upticks in business starting around April and lasting through Labour Day. At times, it can seem like the entire city wants to change addresses during these months, and that can leave moving companies overbooked. This, in turn, can severely limit your scheduling options, and if you pick a particularly high-demand time, you may find yourself out of luck altogether.

After Labour Day, demand usually dies down, making it easier for moving companies to accommodate you. You’ll also have a wider range of choice in movers, which speaks to the third main reason to move during the autumn:

You can save money

Because you will likely have a wider range of moving companies available to choose from, you can gather quotes from multiple providers and choose the one that gives you the best price. You’ll also have more leverage if you’re looking to negotiate a rate, since many movers will match or beat lower offers if it means taking business away from a competitor.

Some moving companies also seek to capitalize on high demand during the spring and summer by raising their rates. Scheduling your move during the fall, when movers are looking to drum up business, can thus save you even more since you’ll be approaching them during an off-peak period when they adjust their rates downward in a bid to attract more customers.

If you’ve got a change of address in your near future, you should also talk to your realtor if you need help finding an affordable, reputable, and reliable local moving company. Experienced real estate professionals have the knowledge to point you in the right direction, since they’ve already helped many Torontonians make successful transitions to new homes.

Are you ready to move this fall?

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Jethro Seymour, one of the Top Davisville Village Real Estate Brokers, is a midtown Toronto residential specialist with over 20 years of sales experience in real estate, marketing, construction and publishing. He has helped many families find homes in Toronto’s great neighbourhoods,  and has extensive knowledge of local markets, new home construction,  resale home sales, and the condo market. Living in midtown Toronto, Jethro previews many of the homes that come to market for his clients and inventory knowledge. Jethro specializes in Midtown, Davisville Village and Leaside neighbourhoods. For more information, call Jethro Seymour, Broker.

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